Introduction to Jade

My teachings are easy to understand
Easy to practice
But no one can understand them
Nor practice them
In mine words, there is principle
In the affairs of man, there is system.
Because they are incapable of truly knowing this,
They too are incapable of knowing mine true self.
Since they do not know me
Therefore am I distinguished
Though I wear clothing made of burlap,
I carry jade within my bosom.

Its gentle, smooth, glossy appearance suggests charity of heart;
Its fine close texture and hardness suggests wisdom;
It is firm and yet does not wound, suggesting duty to one's neighbor;
It hangs down as though sinking, suggesting ceremony;
Struck, it gives a clear note, long drawn out,
Dying gradually away and suggesting music;
Its flaws does not hide its excellences,
Nor does its excellences hide its flaws, suggesting loyalty;
It gains our confidence, suggesting truth;
Its spirituality is like the bright rainbow,
Suggesting the earth below;
As articles of regalia it suggests the exemplification
Of that than which there is nothing in the world of equal value,
And thereby is Tao itself.
Why is jade so valued? The following two quotes succinctly details why jade is so valued.
Discussion of Jade