Table Classification of Jade

   Jade Type Name in the Industry What it means
Row 1 Untreated Jade Type A Jade 
Piece processed using traditional non-invasive
methods. Piece soaked in wax for lubrication
 purposes.  Recognized as standard practice.
Not considered as artificial treatments  
Row 2 Bleached Jade/polymer injected Jade  Type B Jade  Piece was artificially treated. Use of chemicals to remove discoloration. Piece injected with polymer to enhance texture and translucency. This process damages piece structurally.
Row 3 Artificially  colored Jade  Type C Jade  Piece dyed to enhance color. The coloration fades under prolonged exposure to sunlight and the passage of time.
Row 4 Bleached, injected and artificially colored Jade  Type B &C Jade  Piece underwent both the treatment of bleaching, injection and artificial coloration The lowest quality jade

How to classify the Jadeite by Grade:

Table Classification
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